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Dear Affiliated Companies, Dear Partners,

In principle, a pension fund is armed to face – against all odds – financial market upsets. Fondation Patrimonia has several tools at its disposal to deal with these vicissitudes, namely:

  • A strategic allocation, selected by the Board of Trustees, to provide long-term stability and to fully meet its pension commitments to its policyholders and pensioners.
  • An investment regulation and guidelines that define the basis of the Foundation’s investment policy.
  • Governance principles that ensure organisational stability.
  • Technical provisions established by the BVG/LPP expert in anticipation of a loss or expense that has not yet occurred at the end of the financial year, but that current events make probable.
  • The skills of each of its employees for providing quality service.
  • Managers responsible for compliance with the law as well as organisational values.

By acting with efficiency, agility, and dynamism, the Board of Trustees creates security through the identification and management of these risks. Knowledge of their short-, medium-, and long-term effects is also a guarantee of security.

What we have just experienced in 2022 is part of a pension fund’s long-term perspective. No worries, no danger, unwavering peace of mind.


Like the vast majority of Swiss pension funds, Fondation Patrimonia was not spared the financial market volatility in 2022, as Investments Manager, Samuel Fauche, lays out below in his insights on financial investments.

Taking a long-term view, the Board of Trustees has decided to maintain its prudent and diversified investment policy, while closely monitoring market developments. Fondation Patrimonia can fully meet its pension commitments to its insured members and pensioners and take advantage of the investment opportunities that are already emerging.

You can therefore rest assured that the Board of Trustees is doing its utmost to ensure that the insured persons benefit from a financially sound and attractive pension fund in the long term, by analysing and anticipating the cyclical nature of this situation with the BVG/LPP expert.

The entire Patrimonia team is on deck, using all its energy to bring peace of mind to its customers, service providers, companies, policyholders, and employees.

Happy reading and see you soon,

Sylvie Jaton, Managing Director

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