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Independence, transparency, efficiency

Good governance is the key to pension fund success and sustainability. It entails absolute compliance with the statutory provisions about loyalty and integrity and involves adopting rules of conduct and clear values.

Patrimonia is Charter of the Swiss Association of Pension Funds signatory and has its own rules of governance regarding the aspects of organisation, conduct and communication. It operates completely independently, far from conflicts of interests and for insured members benefit. On this website you have the opportunity to discover all reference labels which we are entitled to use.

Successful and optimised management
As a member, you benefit from a high degree of clarity in the administrative documents as well as a reinsurance system that reduces the risk premiums. We also free you from numerous unproductive administrative tasks.

As an insured person, you benefit from an investment philosophy that seeks to optimise the yield of our portfolio, with a dynamic savings bonus policy for insured persons which does not undermine security.

As an broker, you benefit from a transparent and available contact person, who is willing to assist you with all your clients representations.

ISO certification
A first in French-speaking Switzerland! In November 2010, Patrimonia was the first private collective fund in French-speaking Switzerland to obtain the ISO 9001 international certification that stipulates requirements for a quality management system within an organisation.

The ISO 9001 standard belongs to ISO 9000 family of quality management systems standards. It clearly and precisely defines the requirements for organising a quality management system.

Continuous improvement
In particular, ISO 9001 requires all our staff participation. Irrespective of their status in the hierarchy, they are encouraged to submit their proposals for managing dynamic continuous improvement.

In February 2017, the Foundation obtained the “ISO 9001:2015” certification, thereby adding a new feature to its operation, in line with risk management – nowadays a crucial aspect of managing pension funds. The ISO 9001:2015 certification actually involves correctly identifying all stakeholders in the organisation and various risks to which they are exposed, and then devising an action plan to contain and manage the most serious threats. This approach has induced Patrimonia to improve its IT security as well as its rules of governance.

The ISO 9001 certification accordingly contributes to improving the insured members satisfaction and affiliates encourages the involvement and commitment of our staff and specifically underpins our commitment to optimising our services management .

Download Patrimonia’s ISO 9001 certificate.