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Ten reasons to trust us

Patrimonia does not serve anyone apart from its insured members and its affiliated companies. Organised in accordance with the essential rules of good governance, we work with the sole aim of creating value added for them. Here are the ten reasons to trust us.

Total independence from your pension fund – there is no owner and no shareholder to remunerate.

No additional administration costs – there are no administration costs for services such as: withdrawals to encourage home ownership, divorce, terminations, certificates, etc.

Interest calculated on your entire capital – Interest is paid on the entire capital. We do not practice splitting.

Dynamic savings – Dynamic savings remunerated with a higher interest rate, on average, than the rate set by the Federal Council on your entire capital.

Conversion rate for your entire capital – We apply the same conversion rate to all the capital. There as well, there is no splitting.

Enhanced disability pension – The payment of disability benefits is made from a 25% degree of disability and not 40% as imposed by the law.

Option for your surviving spouse’s pension – For the partner’s pension we provide the option of a reversion rate of 80% instead of 60%.

All your additional purchases are paid as a lump sum to your heirs in the death event – In the death event of the insured person, and in accordance with the pension plan, we finance the partner’s pension without touching additional purchases. The additional purchases are paid as a lump sum.

Choice of deadline for premiums payment without additional costs – The company may choose to pay premiums without default interest.

Tax benefit: employer’s contribution reserve – You have the opportunity to create employer’s contribution. They can be remunerated by decision of the Board of Trustees.