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Active management of its 2nd pillar

The world is changing and so is occupational pension provision. Nowadays, insured persons and employers alike wish to join a pension scheme that is managed in a fair and sustainable manner.

Patrimonia has set itself the goal of acting as the reference partner for companies that actively manage their 2nd pillar and wish to approach it in a contemporary manner.

Responding to your aspirations
Our total independence and our governance rules enable us to fully respond to the aspirations and expectations of our clients. Likewise, we assess all developments in the field of occupational pension provision in an unbiased and critical manner.

At Patrimonia, you benefit from total transparency. We work ceaselessly to manage our risks, limit our costs, improve our performance and increase the attractiveness of our services. Our main concern is to continuously improve the overall efficiency of our foundation.

Leader in the field of good governance

Nowadays, governance is a central and sensitive aspect of the management of pension funds. A leader in this field, the Patrimonia Foundation has always made it a priority.

Since it was established in Geneva in 1984, the Patrimonia Foundation has always focused on good governance, routinely implementing new provisions that guarantee its independence, transparency and efficiency in the service of its insured members.

A first
Among these measures, it should be noted that the ISO 900 certification was obtained in 2010. It is a standard that represents an international consensus on good practices in quality management. Patrimonia was the first collective pension scheme in Switzerland to obtain this certification.

On this site you have the opportunity to discover all the reference labels which Patrimonia is entitled to use.