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At the service of insured members

The main beneficiary of a pension fund services, the insured person, has always been at the Patrimonia Foundation model centre. We are there to serve you. You can find essential information about your Foundation and its benefits on this website.

Patrimonia guarantees its insured members and their survivors benefits in the event of retirement, disability and death. The articles of association and the regulations Foundation accordingly define various benefits in the context of core values (including proximity) and sound governance (based on independence and transparency).

Quality information
Information is, moreover, an important aspect of the service that we wish to offer our insured members. You have the opportunity to follow our news on this website (News and newsletter TODAY page). Insured persons who do not understand the content of their annual pension statement will also find an interactive explanation of it here.

Online forms

In dealing with his pension fund, the insured member has frequently to use a form to ensure his records are kept up to date, or to enable him to receive a benefit. All the Patrimonia Foundation forms are available on our website.

Access the Forms page (insured persons)

Dated and signed
Please note that a form must generally be duly dated and signed before it is returned. Please don’t forget this formality when sending a form. Not all forms need to be returned in original, please contact us in case of doubt.