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Patrimonia at a glance

Patrimonia’s mission is to be the benchmark partner for companies managing their 2nd pillar. It insures the staff of more than 1,150 affiliated employers, particularly in the tertiary sector.

With CHF 2,459 million on the balance sheet and more than 16,400 active insureds as of 12.31.2021, Patrimonia is one of the medium-sized Swiss pension institutions.

Income collectedCHF 758.06 mioCHF 389.56 mio
Benefits paidCHF 252.47 mioCHF 175.03 mio
Technical provisionsCHF 89.82CHF 55.13 mio
Total assets of the foundationCHF 2'459 mioCHF 1'741 mio
Funding ration110.90%
Number of active insured members16'40713'138
Net performance on investments6.67% 4.04%
Interest rate credited to
affiliated members’ accounts
Number of pension beneficiaries1'6711'053
Number of affiliated employers1'1491'019



Evolution of the degree of coverage

The degree of coverage expresses the ratio between the total assets of the institution and all of its commitments to policyholders. A degree of coverage equal to or greater than 100% means that the institution covers its commitments.

The graph below represents the evolution of Patrimonia’s coverage level over the past 7 years. Values ​​are percentages, and are rounded.