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Transparency is at the heart of our concept of governance. Being modern actually means offering quality information to its insured members and to all its stakeholders. On this page, you have the opportunity to read our latest news.

LINKS #11 – Patrimonia : Status overview

Dear Affiliates, A Pension Fund is not only a social insurance, but also a service, a support, professional contacts for our affiliates and the promise to the Foundation’s policy holders that above and beyond their professional life, there is life itself and we are there beside them all the way, in good times as in…

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Measures COVID-19 occupational pensions of 25 March 2020

On 25 March 2020, the Federal Council decided to temporarily allow employers to use the contribution reserves they have built up to pay employees 2nd pillar contributions. For a period of 6 months, the employer can pay the employee’s share of 2nd pillar contributions using his contribution reserve. The employer must notify the pension fund…

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One for All, All for One !

COVID-19 The Patrimonia Foundation organizes itself to serve you. In the current context of the coronavirus crisis, the Patrimonia Foundation has put into place a series of organizational measures to ensure the continuation of its activities. They concern our teams in Geneva and Lausanne and give priority to teleworking and videoconferencing. These measures allow us…

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