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Joint governance, professional management

The Board of Trustees, composed of six members, is the highest governing body of Patrimonia, responsible for its administrative and financial management. Its composition is joint: three employers’ representatives and three staff representatives.

The members of the Board of Trustees also constitute the Investment Committee for managing the assets of the Foundation. Likewise, members also form the Real Estate Committee, responsible for supervising and monitoring acquisitions, as well as maintaining the Foundation’s housing stock.

Two strong focal points
At the end of 2018, Patrimonia reorganised its operational team around two strong focal points: administrative and technical management on one hand, to ensure operational efficiency; business relations on the other hand, to offer a first-class service to its insured members, to the affiliated companies and, of course, to its agents and partners.

Patrimonia’s executive bodies rely on external specialists, in particular three major banks in the financial centre, to manage its assets. A trustee operates as a Supervisory Body and an Occupational Pensions Expert deals with actuarial issues. Moreover, Patrimonia is a collective occupational pension scheme under the control of the Swiss Association of Pension Funds, or the Department for the Supervision of Foundations and Pension Funds of the Canton of Geneva and the Supreme Supervisory Authority.