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A long-term strategy


Pursuant to its Investment Regulations, the Patrimonia Foundation devises a strategic allocation, the purpose of which is to enable it to honour its financial obligations and to achieve the aims of pension provision by mitigating the risk.


The Foundation invests in different asset classes in order to optimise long-term yields offered by the market. The strategic allocation is valid for 3 to 5 years. The Investment Committee applies short-term adjustments, if necessary, in accordance with the market conditions, after an analysis of the quarterly report on the effective allocation of the assets.

The following chart shows the strategic allocation of the Foundation as it has been implemented. The values are expressed as percentages of the total assets invested.


  Objective Fluctuation
Cash and short term 0% 0-3%
Bonds in CHF 15% 12-18%
Government bonds ME 9% 7-12%
Corporate bonds ME 6% 6-8%
Emerging market bonds HC 4% 3-5%
Senior Secured loans 3% 1-5%
Swiss Equities 10% 6-10%
International Equities 18% 9-17%
Infrastructures 3% 1 – 5%
Swiss real estate 27% 21- 29%
International Real Estate 5% 5-7 %